Music on the Edge of Silence

Seven meditative pieces for solo shakuhachi – four traditional Japanese pieces and three original compositions by Adrian Freedman, total playing time 68:40.

“Starkly beautiful… stunning melodic purity” – Natasha Kuler-von-der-Luhe

“These traditional and modern compositions are a searing, spacious, zen meditation. Truly sound on the edge of silence. Some still music is soothing. This isn’t. Its a focused call to attention” – Frazer Reid

Track List
1.  Honshirabe (Original Inquiry) – Traditional Honkyoku* – 07:12
2.  Spirit Rising – composed by Adrian Freedman – 06:26
3.  Sanya (Three Valleys) – Traditional Honkyoku – 15:44
4.  Forest Breath – composed by Adrian Freedman – 07:47
5.  Miyama Higurashi (Deep Mountain Cicada)  – composed by Fukuda Rando – 07:20
6.  Tamuke (Requiem Elegy) – Traditional Honkyoku – 09:51
7.  Moon Light – composed by Adrian Freedman – 06:28

* The Honkyoku are a repertoire of Japanese Zen meditation pieces for Shakuhachi, dating from the 13th century.

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