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In a woodland cabin close by the beautiful Dartmoor National Park I have a small recording studio. Here I am using high-end microphones, preamps and converters to record, mix and master recordings of my own music, and sometimes other small acoustic ensembles and singer-songwriters.



Studio Wide shotI have been engaged in acoustic recording for over 20 years and have experimented with many different condenser, tube and ribbon microphones, seeking the best way to capture the natural, honest warmth and subtle details of instruments such as the shakuhachi, cello, acoustic guitar, voice, harp, oud, various ethnic instruments and percussion, recorded in an intimate setting.

Sometimes I convert the core set of studio equipment into a mobile recording studio, utilising locations such as small halls and chapels to take advantage of the ambience of a natural reverberant space, often recording in the deep still of the night. Editing, mixing and mastering can then be completed in the studio.


When working on projects in the studio with other musicians and their music, it is not so much to work simply as a sound engineer … I really enjoy to become involved in the creative process as producer or co-producer, assisting with making arrangements, maybe adding other instruments, and helping to shape the end product, whether it is an isolated track or an album. I also enjoy commissions to devise, compose, record and produce music, especially for meditative or therapeutic purposes, or music for dance and movement groups. 


Studio recording equipment includes the following:


  • Schoeps Collette stereo pairs; MK2 / MK21 / MK22 / MK41
  • Sandhill 6011A ribbon mics, stereo pair
  • Urton M2 tube mic
  • Microtech Gefell UM 92.1S tube mic
  • Microtech Gefell M 930 large-diaphragm, stereo pair
  • DPA 4099 (x 2)
  • Electro Voice RE-20, RE-15
  • Oktava MK012 pair
  • Beyer Dynamic M88
  • Shure SM57/58

Mic Preamps

  • Forsell SMP-2  (x 2)
  • Thermionic Culture Earlybird 4
  • Neve 1073

ADDA Converters/Firewire

  • Forssell MADC-8
  • Forssell MDAC-8
  • Weiss AFI 1
  • Metric Halo ULN 2


  • Bricasti M7, M10


  • Quested V2108
  • Sonodyne SRP 400
  • Dangerous Music Source
  • Sennheiser HD headphones


  • Mac OS X
  • Pro Tools
  • UAD-2 Satellite DSP
  • Logic

Contact me if you’d like to know more about the studio and collaborating on a recording project.


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