Devotional Songs

I’ve always had an interest in the sacred music of different cultures. This interest led me to study the zen shakuhachi in Japan, as well as time spent in the temples of Southern India. In 1995, while living in Kyoto, I met some travelling Brazilian musicians and singers from a small community in the Amazon. I took part in sacred ceremonies with them, and fell in love with the simple hymns of the forest which formed the musical core of their spiritual practice.

EH_FirecircleSoon after that  I visited their Amazonian village, and over subsequent years I came to make many trips to Brazil, spending time in spiritual communities in the forests, mountains and coastlines of that beautiful country, immersed in the music and dance of their ritual traditions. Beginning in 1997 and continuing to the present day I began to receive a series of devotional songs and chants myself, within the simple diatonic mood and rhythm of the Brazilian hymns. Although most of the songs have English words, in the beginning many of them were in Brazilian Portuguese, and later this evolved to include chants and mantras in Sanskrit or Japanese. These are songs of praise for the wonders of Mother Nature and the Cosmos. Songs of healing and of Universal prayer. 

Initially these songs were never sung outside of the context of the sacred ceremonies within which they were received, but in more recent years we have been invited to share them at small festivals of acoustic/world/devotional music such as Wildheart Festival, Colourfest, Sunrise Gathering, Quest, Bhakti Festival and the Ancient Futures Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

These songs are published in two books – The Song of the Eternal Heart, and Lotus Rising.

Books, written music and recordings of the Song of the Eternal Heart are available in the shop




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