Breathe is the name for an ongoing series of workshops with Suzanna Viney. Suzanna teaches the breath techniques of Rebirthing as developed by Leonard Orr. Conscious Connected Breathing (or Rebirthing) is a simple deep meditative breathing technique.  Once we surrender to its rhythm, its infinite intelligence finds our blockages, conscious or unconscious, and clears them, leaving an amazing feeling of freedom, being re-energised and re-connected with our deepest truth.

Suzanna Viney

Integration Breath 
Is a simple joyful breathing technique
It is our natural breath…before we stopped it
It has intelligence
It is in harmony with our body rhythms
It frees our breathing mechanism
It is our natural tool to clear the energy body
To clear our deep and subtle past
To consciously feel we are present, human, in our centre
Connected to Source.
Add to this the Shakuhachi flute
The flute of blissful awakening
On the edge of Silence…

Suzanna was trained by Leonard Orr and is a member of the British Rebirth Society. She has a background in deep transformational shamanic work. She has worked with medicine teachers from Mexico and Africa and has also trained in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger.

Leonard Orr

Leonard Orr is the father and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. He discovered the technique in the mid-1960s. Through him it has spread to over 27 countries and an estimated ten million people. Rebirthing (also known as Conscious Connected Breathing) has been nicknamed the pranayama (yogic breathing) of the West.

Workshop participants breathe lying down on sheepskins, with blankets and cushions. Suzanna guides the breathing with other experienced breathworkers.

Breath is Life. It is so simple that to create relationship with it is to know oneself in the most profound way.


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