… the search for the purity of a simple melodic line, a fascination with the study of different musical traditions around the world, and a call to explore inner realms through the dimension of sound…a journey that leads to the edge of silence and back…
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Spirit Fest September 2017

Spirit Fest UK is a celebration of Love and Unity for all families. It is gathering of the heart and consciousness tribes to celebrate life with music, dance and arts.  
I will be playing 2 sets with the Eternal Heart Family Band, one set with Two Rivers (Ravi Kora + special guests Rowan Sterk and Asha MacCarthy), plus a Solo Shakuhachi concert.
Be great to see you there!

New Album with Lua Maria is Now Available

The new album The Phoenix Tree with Lua Maria is NOW AVAILABLE. Original songs, and duets for shakuhachi flute and Native American flute. Songs of the Earth and Spirit, of the heart and of peace. It’s been a long journey for us to bring this music to the point where we can finally share it with the world. Follow this link to read more about the album to purchase a CD or to download the audio files: https://www.adrianfreedman.com/product/the-phoenix-tree/

Concert for the Dalai Lama

In April 2014 I was invited to play some shakuhachi meditation music for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Kyoto, Japan. A special moment.  

Cellular Transformations

My next album release will be the new solo shakuhachi album Cellular Transformations.  A suite of new compositions exploring extended performance techniques on the shakuahchi - a series of musical meditations on the fractalising patterns of microscopic cell life and inter-galactic evolution.

Chloë Goodchild

I have begun a new collaboration with the singer Chloë Goodchild. Chloë is the founder of the Naked Voice, a transforming practice of self-awareness and conscious communication skills through singing. We are doing a series of concerts in collaboration with viola player Christoffer de Graal and other musicians, and have begun making recordings for a new album. Read more about Chloë Goodchild here...

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